Olymp Capital claims European crypto-blockchain investment fund first

Olymp Capital launches an unprecedented investment fund for Europe that allows investors to buy into it directly with cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum

Alternative investment fund manager Olymp Capital (AIF) is laying claim to the launch of the first European investment fund to cover the entire blockchain and crypto asset ecosystem.

“This new fund is the only one in Europe that can invest directly in tokens,” says Olymp Capital CEO Christophe de Courson. “With first-mover advantage, Olymp Capital is set to be the European leader in investments in the new digital asset class.”

The fund will include blockchain-related private equity, initial coin offering (ICO) activity and a fund-of-fund activity centred on crypto hedge funds. Investors can buy into the fund with fiat and cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Payments in crypto like no other

“Unlike other funds, which launch an ICO to collect cryptocurrencies, Olymp’s corporate wallet account allows it to collect payments in cryptocurrencies,” the firm adds. “This offers a significant advantage in ICO investments and removes the need to convert fiat currency to Bitcoin or Ether for their investments.”

Olymp Capital’s purpose is to provide a link between investors and the ICO market to aid discovery of “those premium ICO investment propositions”.

The new platform allows fund managers to identify and screen the best entrepreneurs and companies that are preparing to launch ICOs in a way that individual crypto investors are unable to match.

Difficulties ICO investors face

Although the ICO market is booming (in 2017, ICOs raised $5.9 billion versus $13.7 billion in the first six months of 2018), investors have difficulties accessing the best deals available.

“Investors typically hear about an ICO via social or other media when it is already too late to invest. Tellingly in the first six months of 2018, average returns for ICOs stood at -55%, but the five best ICOs had a +1,100% return,” Olymp Capital says.

“Investors benefit from a unique deal flow, managed by Olymp Capital and offering a fully diversified portfolio in blockchain and crypto asset accessed via a more cost-effective single investment vehicle.”

Venture capital experts

“We have built an international group of advisors, composed of recognised experts in complementary sectors – finance and investment, blockchain and crypto assets, and compliance and regulation – to assist our management team based in Luxembourg,” says Paul Bougnoux, Chairman of Olymp Capital. “We believe we have the strongest network within the blockchain space in the EU.”

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