Omnitude eyes mainstream blockchain adoption with ECOM token

It's pitched as a critical step in the venture's roadmap

Omnitude is today listing its ECOM token on its first centralised exchange, BitForex.

ECOM, which had already been listed on the decentralised IDEX exchange, will join 80 other coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and users will be able to trade with Ethereum and USDT.

It underpins Omnitude’s blockchain integration ecosystem and will serve as a native method of settlement between parties to access ecosystem resources. It will also provide the incentive for participants to operate and secure the ecosystem.

Chris Painter, CEO and founder of Omnitude, whose clients include Williams Martini Racing, the Government of Malta and luxury caterer Absolute Taste, says: “BitForex is a highly respected crypto exchange. Listing ECOM on BitForex is a critical step in our roadmap, bringing the benefits that our token offers to its millions of users. In concert with Omnitude technology adoption, it will encourage mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies. We also plan to list ECOM on other exchanges in future, in order to make it as accessible as possible for the public.”

Community members with ECOM tokens will be able to deposit their tokens by creating an account with BitForex, and will be able to withdraw their ECOM via ECOM/ETH and ECOM/USDT trading pairs on the exchange from 9am today.

Omnitude took the decision to airdrop $5 million of ECOM tokens to all participants of its token sale. These tokens will now be shared amongst all purchased token holders by percentage split of ownership. All people who took part in the Omnitude bounty programme during the token sale will have their tokens unlocked one month after the exchange listing.

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