OneCoin victim makes plea to Ruja Ignatova: “Hand yourself in!”

After losing her savings, receiving a string of violent threats, and living with the nagging guilt of advising friends and family to invest, Jen McAdam appeals to the missing head of the OneCoin scam

One of the most vocal victims of the global OneCoin scandal has made a direct appeal to the missing mastermind behind the scam, pleading with her to give herself up.

Jen McAdam, who was conned out of £8,000 of savings and also persuaded friends and family to invest almost a quarter of a million pounds, says she hopes Ruja Ignatova will find it in her heart to give her hundreds of thousands of victims around the world some peace.

The Bulgarian founder of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme fled in October 2017 after raking in more than $4bn from the massive fraud.

Her younger brother and another senior figure were recently found guilty of various charges related to fraud and money laundering. They are awaiting sentencing in the new year.

The real ‘head of the snake’, however, 38-year-old Ignatova, remains at large. A fact which victims like Ms McAdam say is a constant reminder of the pain and suffering being experienced by those conned under Ignatova’s spell.

OneCoin victim Jen McAdam

OneCoin victim Jen McAdam

“Ruja Ignatova, it is time to hand yourself in because the world is becoming a smaller place for you to hide,” she pleaded.

“Give your victims some peace at least and face your charges in a court of law for the crimes you committed.”


The past few weeks have been bittersweet for Jen McAdam and others like her. While punching the air with delight as 33-year-old Konstantin Ignatov and then lawyer-turned-launderer Mark Scott were brought before the US courts, they know the architect of their misery continues to evade justice.

“We pray and live in hope every day that Ruja Ignatova – the fraudster and founder of this fake crypto multi-billion dollar OneCoin scam – will be found quickly,” she told Coin Rivet.

“She has fraudulently stolen billions from innocent people and left them in devastation.

“If and when Ruja Ignatova is found by the authorities and justice is served for her horrendous crimes to people who just did not deserve this, only then can they really begin the journey to heal.”

There was a flicker of satisfaction last month, though, when former attorney Mark Scott was in court answering charges of money laundering. Part of Ignatova’s inner circle, the 51-year-old was found guilty and awaits sentencing in late February.

The week before, Ignatova’s younger brother – Konstantin Ignatov – reached an agreement over a plea bargain to inform on his sister and her Bulgarian mobster cohorts to the FBI in exchange for a reduced sentence. The bargain raised hopes that Ignatova would be found.

“We are very happy with the guilty verdict of Mark Scott and feel this was the correct verdict for his part of the money laundering within the OneCoin scam – after all, he sure enjoyed a lavish millionaire lifestyle from the OneCoin victims’ money, which he knowingly took part in laundering $400 million of for Ruja Ignatova,” added Ms McAdam.

“Justice was served when the jury found him guilty.

“Let’s hope his sentence now fits his money laundering OneCoin crimes that he took part in and committed.”

Dogged determination

Meanwhile, the work goes on in the large network of victim support groups spanning more than 150 countries across the globe – largely driven by the dogged determination of people like Jen McAdam.

Despite being threatened on a regular basis by OneCoin ‘supporters’ for speaking out over the scam, she continues to help fellow victims in any way she can.

In typically selfless fashion, she is keen to turn the spotlight away from her own tireless endeavours for the cause of bringing Ignatova to justice and, instead, is keen to praise those around her.

“We will continue in this battle for the truth and justice and hope all who committed these horrific crimes to OneCoin investors be served the justice they deserve,” she added.

“My own personal thanks go out to Tim Curry (aka Tim Tayshun), Bjorn Bjercke, and CryptoXpose, who for the last three years have kept me strong and picked me up so many times when I have fallen.

“They have been my personal rocks through this and without them I honestly do not know how I could have got through these last three years.

“A huge thanks also to a network of immensely kind and caring people from all around the world who help and support the OneCoin victims 24/7 and in their own free time.

Raising awareness

“They also help to raise awareness globally, tirelessly working with authorities and focusing on raising awareness to help prevent innocent people becoming victims of fraud.

“Myself and the OneCoin victims are so thankful to them and appreciate all they do out of the kindness of their own hearts.

“They are unsung heroes and I’m just sorry I cannot name them all individually at this moment in time. But if the opportunity ever arises I will for sure, they know who they all are!”

Ms McAdam also reserved special praise for the people behind the BBC’s remarkably insightful ‘Cryptoqueen’ podcast. The journalist leading the work – Jamie Bartlett – will be speaking at a special Coin Rivet-backed Crypto Curry Club this afternoon in London.

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