Online Blockchain makes US crypto gaming move

It’s all about “transforming gaming by leveraging the exciting possibilities of blockchain technology”

UK blockchain research and development company, Online Blockchain, has signed an agreement to take a 35% stake in US-based Encryptid Gaming. Online Blockchain will be investing up to $100,000 in cash, over a period of time based upon development milestones (details of which have not been revealed) being reached by Encryptid Gaming.

The latter is developing a new ecosystem which allows for the rapid development of different game ‘worlds’ that exist in the same universe with companions, items and more storable on the Ethereum blockchain and transferable between players and worlds.

The first of these is Cybernetika, a futuristic electronic world with roving robot-like creatures that can be trained, upgraded and put into tournament-style battles. Users will be able to interact and raise their companion bot, trade them with friends, sell them to strangers, take them on dungeon explorations and more. This universe will evolve and expand with special worlds catering to different playstyles and aesthetics, all built atop the same framework.

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“I have worked in and been at the forefront of the gaming world since the early 90’s and seen many developments. The advent of blockchain technology opens up a new adventure and a multitude of possibilities. I am looking forward to this blockchain-enabled gaming future,” says Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain.

Kyle Stratis of Encryptid Gaming, comments: “I am beyond excited to be working with the experienced and knowledgeable team at OBC to bring this ambitious vision to reality. Not only are we building a universe, but we will be transforming gaming by leveraging the exciting possibilities of blockchain technology.”

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