OpenSwap moves to bring zero slippage trades on DEX swaps

The feature is the latest of many products offered by OpenSwap designed to improve user experiences in the growing DeFi space

Decentralised exchange (DEX) platform OpenSwap has today revealed a date for the launch of its much-anticipated zero slippage feature – ‘Spot Price Queue’.

The long-awaited feature is set to go live from October 27 in an effort to bring zero slippage and instant market execution for trades and swaps made on OpenSwap.

According to OpenSwap, the ‘Spot Price Queue’ feature is set to be a “game-changer” for on-chain swaps by “guaranteeing zero slippage and spot market price execution” on swaps and trades made by crypto traders.

The feature is the latest of many products offered by OpenSwap designed to improve the user experience offered through DEXes.

OpenSwap noted that there will be two varieties of Spot Price Queue one designed for traders who need to exit their position quickly whilst the other is designed for “low time-preference” traders.

The two varieties mimic the popular trading standards offered through centralised exchanges of market and limit buying and selling.

The DEX also has plans for further ” liquidity queue types” in the coming weeks, including an “anti-rugpull” system designed to offer protection for participants in Initial DEX Offerings (IDO).

Bruce Chau, CEO of OpenSwap, spoke of how the new feature can solve the pitfalls of using a DEX across the DeFi space.

“On-chain transactions and AMMs lack the flexibility and choice of centralized exchanges,” he said.  

“OpenSwap’s objective is to solve these inefficiencies in the DeFi ecosystems by introducing new technologies and concepts such as our liquidity queues, a way to introduce the flexibility of order books without the associated transaction costs.” 

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