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Opportunities for NFTs are endless, says founder of Chibi Dinos

Sean Kelly said NFTs could reach a point where they're being used in everyday life

The creator of a basketball-themed NFT which sold out in just 18 minutes says he has been blown away by the interest in his project.

Sean Kelly, co-founder of Jersey Champs – a company that specialises in custom sports tops – recently turned his attention to the NFT market with an idea built around anime dinosaurs called chibis.

Speaking with Coin Rivet, the 24-year-old explained how he incorporated what he was doing with Jersey Champs into the NFT venture.

“I always knew I wanted to incorporate jerseys into the NFT, as a sort of ode to Jersey Champs,” he said.

“My girlfriend wanted me to do an interesting creature of some sort as there were so many regular animal NFTs coming out. She thought dinosaurs would be a cool one and the designers immediately agreed and thought of chibis.”

Kelly is especially appreciative of his girlfriend who is a key part of his team and he speaks on what she adds to the team and just how important she is to the Chibi Dinos engine.

“We have been working together for years,” Kelly explained.

“I always love getting ideas from her and seeing what she thinks about different things because she often has a different point of view and is able to see and point out things I may not have thought about.

“She doesn’t always like being in the spotlight, but she is definitely and has always been a very strong asset to my team.”

Kelly is approaching 100,000 followers on Twitter, and his project has caught the eye of National Basketball Association (NBA) athletes De’Aaron Fox, RJ Hampton, Josh Hart, Kendrick Nunn, and more.

He added said how much he enjoyed partnering with these big names, and the trend of NBA players and teams delving into the NFT world.

“Basketball is my favourite sport, so being able to partner with NBA players on a project is incredible,” Kelly explained.

“I think it’s very smart of NBA players to get into the NFT space. It’s a new area and learning about it and getting into it this early is an amazing opportunity for everyone.”

Just the beginning for NFTs

The NFT revolution is becoming stronger by the day and the inclusion of celebrities in the NFT space will only garner more attention to what’s being created.

“I believe this is just the beginning of NFT’s,” says Kelly.

“Every day we are seeing more detailed designs, roadmaps are coming to life and the metaverse is becoming much more of a reality.

“The opportunities with NFTs are endless, one day it is likely people will not even realise they are using NFTs in everyday life.”



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