Our IDO sold out within seconds, says co-founder of Dreams Quest

Steve Good talks to Coin Rivet about the motivation behind Dreams Quest and reveals future plans

A need to make a mark in the gaming sector with a focus on blockchain games led Steve Good to the path of Dreams Quest.

Steve Good, the co-founder of the decentralised play-to-earn RPG game that incorporated NFTs, Dreams Quest, saw the impact of DeFi and recognised a space in the market for DeFi inspired games.

Dreams Quest is a blockchain-based NFT gaming platform where players are able to dream realms and partake in quests, tournaments, and events.

The decentralised gaming aspect of the game enables users to maintain control over their NFTs.

Coin Rivet spoke to Steve Good who explained the gap he saw within blockchain games and what he wanted Dreams Quest to provide for its users.

“We realised that many of the blockchain games today are both limited in functionality but also do not provide the user with an amazing in-game experience in terms of the graphics, UI/UX, and overall visual and sound effects,” he explained.

“We wanted to create a game where people could play for free but also where they could play to earn.

“We have seen how many emerging market nations have bright, intelligent, and hard-working people who both love games but also want to be able to support their families and loved ones.”

Successful IDO launch

Dreams Quest launched their initial DEX offering (IDO) this past month on Red Kite, DuckStarter, and GameFi, in what was a widely successful launch as they sold out within seconds on all three platforms.

Good admitted even he was shocked with the speed of the sell-out as well as the support the platform received from the community.

“The sales were so quick that we were surprised at the speed in which the community got so interested in the project,” he said.

“In addition, as a result of this success, we were invited by the Binance NFT Marketplace to pre-launch some of our NFTs as early access and collectible items.

Coupled with the IDO launch, the game has experienced success with its NFT drops that has led to members of their community not being able to purchase a card because of the speed at which the drops have sold out.

“Over the past 2 weeks we’ve had five drops and in all cases, they have sold out within 3-5 seconds,” Good said.

“In fact, some of our community have been a little bit upset that they weren’t able to obtain a card, so we have done additional drops just to try to keep up with the demand for these early card sales.”

Dreams Quest exclusive

Steve Good managed to share exclusive news with Coin Rivet on some of the future plans at Dreams Quest and what they’ve been working on in the background.

“We have been working behind the scenes to expand our advisory team with industry veterans who can really help us take our project to another level,” he revealed.

“These two veterans have worked in Hollywood for many years working on highly notable films in the lore, sci-fi, and fantasy world.

“They have worked in the film production and creative side and they are just astounding and amazing guys to work with.”

The end-goal

Community is important to Dreams Quest and enabling its users to earn money from the game is mightily important to the team.

Good says the possibility of its players to regularly earn money in the game is one they are pushing towards and a ‘metaverse-based economy’ could be on its way.

“We would love to reach hundreds of millions of people who can both have an amazing in-game experience as well as have a way to offset some of their income or to even be able to make a living playing in our metaverse,” he said.

“We see that if there is a diverse enough set of opportunities, people will build their own economy and ecosystem and make a living from within the game.

“And for us, if we can reach and help millions of people then we will certainly be proud of our achievement and how we have helped so many others.”

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