Paris college offers blockchain courses, accepts crypto payments

The Financia Business School allows students to pay tuition fees in crytpocurrency via Coin Capital

The Paris-based Financia Business School has begun to accept payment for courses in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

It says that, since the institution implemented the new scheme, about six students have paid for their tuition fees in Bitcoin. About 25% of its students are foreigners and many of them have to endure painful and sometimes punitive money transfer costs, which is why it decided to make things easier by accepting crypto payments.

The school has also begun offering postgraduate courses in FinTech and blockchain technolog.

The FBS has partnered with Coin Capital to enable students to make payments in crypto. Coin Capital is a startup that specialises in digital assets and the blockchain.

Hasib paid with Bitcoin

“I became interested in this technology early on and quickly became a staunch supporter of blockchain’s decentralised model,” foreign FBS student Adam Hasib says in an interview with Studyrama, an online French education website. “By June 2017, I had acquired my first Bitcoins, which allowed me to pay the registration deposit at school.”

Hasib explains that all he had to do was contact the administration to get the wallet address before making his first payment to the school.

Financia Business School says it is committed to embracing new technologies. It adds that it is prepared to bolster its campus with a series of blockchain-inspired administrative innovations.

A token for use in school

The school plans to launch a token for the payment of services inside the school and with partner institutions, as well as the launch of proof-of-concept around blockchain projects by and for students; and the reinforcement of courses on the blockchain, initial coin offerings (ICOs), as well as other related issues.

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