Particl announces decentralised stores for customised shopping experiences

Blockchain-based privacy platform Particl has announced a new market management feature for its open marketplace

Blockchain-based privacy platform Particl has announced a new market management feature for its open marketplace.

According to a press release shared with Coin Rivet, Particl now allows vendors to create decentralised stores as well as offer private, VIP product offerings to their customers.

What is Particl?

Particl is a privacy-focused, open-source project building software on the blockchain. Its private, decentralised online marketplace allows anyone to buy and sell goods and services for cryptocurrencies, and the platform allows various applications to be integrated into it.

By using the new feature from Particl, vendors will be able to create and manage stores as well as an unlimited number of marketplaces within the Particl ecosystem. These marketplaces can be shared with specific groups to create a more personalised shopping experience.

Benefits for merchants 

Merchants and vendors can already sell digital and physical products on a global scale using the platform, but the new feature allows them to share keys with customers both publicly and privately. Ultimately, this new feature offers greater personalisation and makes user onboarding much easier.

Merchants will also be able to use Particl to offer special discounts on products for VIP customers, as well as giving them exclusive access to unique items and discounts that other users cannot buy or don’t even know exist.

Particl’s decentralised marketplace ecosystem gives merchants benefits such as privacy, data security, and near-zero fees.


Paul Schmitzer, project marketing and strategy lead at Particl, said: “By having the ability to create their own customised marketplaces, merchants can really begin using Particl as an integral tool in their business strategy to help shave tens of thousands of dollars in fees off their bottom line thanks to the myriad of customisation options now available to them.”

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