PewDiePie helps DLive increase its userbase by 67% in two months

The decentralised platform now boasts more than five million monthly active users, which is a 67% hike in less than two months from March

DLive, a live-streaming platform powered by blockchain technology, has seen its total number of users increase by two thirds in less than two months following YouTube superstar PewDiePie joining the service.

The king of YouTube – who currently has over 96 million subscribers – joined DLive just over a month ago. The decentralised platform now boasts more than five million monthly active users, which is a 67% increase from March.

Also on the rise is the total number of active streamers, which is now up to 70,000. When the Swedish content creator – whose real name is Felix Kjellberg – joined the platform, DLive had some three million monthly active users and around 35,000 active streamers.

Competing with Twitch

The co-founders of DLive, Charles Wayn and Cole Chen, are now seeking to overtake Amazon-backed live-streaming platform Twitch, which currently has 15 million daily viewers and 2.2 million daily broadcasters.

DLive provides a rewards system for its streamers and viewers, allowing them to earn Lino Points – the cryptocurrency of the blockchain-based Lino Network – for their participation and contribution to the platform.

Unlike the traditional revenue model of many streaming platforms, DLive gives 90.1% of all subscription fees directly to individual content creators in Lino Points, while the remaining 9.9% is used to reward the most viewed streamers – like PewDiePie with his exclusive weekly live-streams.

Having a well-known personality such as PewDiePie on DLive should bring more awareness to the platform and how decentralised platforms can aid the individual and not the authoritative entity.

If DLive succeeds in toppling Twitch, it will become the second Chinese-led tech company to dethrone a US giant this year after TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing app, surpassed both Facebook and Instagram as the most downloaded smartphone app.

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