Pewdiepie promotes Tron and BitTorrent in recent YouTube video

Internet star Pewdiepie, who is currently signed to DLive, recently expressed his support of Justin Sun's Tron and BitTorrent on his YouTube channel

Internet star Pewdiepie has sang the praises of Justin Sun’s Tron and BitTorrent on his YouTube channel.

It has been well documented that the YouTube sensation, real name Felix Kjellberg, joined decentralised video streaming platform DLive in an exclusive deal last year.

Since the announcement of the partnership, DLive has undergone remarkable growth for such a relatively new platform.

At the start of the new year, it was announced DLive would be migrating to the BitTorrent ecosystem – which is powered by Tron’s blockchain.

Less than two weeks later, the platform’s biggest star is now promoting both projects on his YouTube channel.

Pewdiepie promotion

Pewdiepie’s recent video ironically centres on dissecting “designs (ads) that will make you mad”, which begins with an advertisement of his own.

The star reveals that in celebration of DLive joining BitTorrent, he will be giving away a free Pewdiepie chair.

“But Felix, who BitTorrent?” he says.

“BitTorrent is the biggest decentralised, peer-to-peer file sharing network in the world! Powered by Tron! Blockchain… which means it has over 100 million users. Damn! That’s almost as many as I have,” he jests.

“This basically means more people can seamlessly watch DLive and support the creators over there.

“One of the reasons I joined DLive is because their mission is to not take any of the streamers’ earnings, and that’s how they support streamers in a huge way.”

BitTorrent and Tron are led by master marketeer Justin Sun, who has often found himself in the headlines for controversial promotion tactics and rumours of investigations by Chinese authorities.

The Tron CEO has since made a public apology for “over-marketing“.

Pewdiepie is no stranger to controversy himself after the internet star was accused of antisemitism in 2017.

His latest video will no doubt drive extra attention towards Sun’s products.

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