Pewdiepie – the world’s biggest YouTuber – has joined a decentralised streaming platform

The world's biggest YouTuber Pewdiepie has announced he will be exclusively live streaming on a decentralised streaming platform called DLive

The world’s biggest YouTuber Pewdiepie has announced that he will be exclusively live streaming on a blockchain-based decentralised platform called DLive.

Pewdiepie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, has roughly 93 million subscribers on YouTube and has cemented himself as a household name across the globe.

Pewdiepie announced on Twitter that he will be joining DLive, which is a blockchain-based decentralised platform built on the Lino Network.

The Lino Network is a video content distribution system built to be decentralised. It focuses on providing content creators with fair compensation for their work.

DLive itself is a decentralised application (dApp) which is the first of its kind to be built on the Lino Network. There is also the Lino cryptocurrency, which has a relevant fiat value.

Lino tokens can be earned through the creation and sharing of content as well as leaving comments on the platform. Lino tokens can also be earned through running a node which helps support the running of the platform.

Pewdiepie’s tweet reads: “Streaman (streaming) exclusively on @OfficialDLive, epic livestream platform that focuses on its creators first. On April 14 I will do my part & #SupportCreators by donating up to $50,000. Follow any creator on DLive to increase the donation amount.”

The details of Pewdiepie’s deal with DLive have not been disclosed, nor has it been stipulated how long he will be part of DLive and the Lino Network.

Having a well-known personality such as Pewdiepie on DLive should bring more awareness to the platform and how decentralised platforms can aid the individual and not the authoritative entity.

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