PHILApp Updates, Releases a Payment Gateway for Users to Quickly Buy Tokens

PHILApp, a super dApp available for download on mobile, has released new updates that further simplify donation, making the process more transparent and effective.

Amid the current financial crisis that has seen investors and institutions tighten their purse strings, severely impacting donations to deserving non-governmental organizations and charity groups across the globe, Philcoin, the creator of PHILApp, is at the forefront, looking to simplify donations and increase transparency. There is a dedicated section in PHILApp where users can browse and donate to any of the numerous charities and causes they are passionate about.

PHILApp features include a donate-and-earn element that will make the process of giving straightforward for the over 250,000 users across the globe who have downloaded the application. However, another key inclusion in the new update is an integrated payment gateway following Philcoin’s partnership with Indacoin. 

In the new deal, users would, anywhere in the world, use their debit or credit cards to purchase Philcoin’s tokens. This integration would hugely impact the token’s liquidity, especially during the current bear cycle that has seen the crypto market’s liquidity contract. Purchased Philcoin tokens can be staked, with stakers receiving up to 15 percent APY.

The Give and Get NFT program has also been released to bring more users on board. Therefore, for every successful and verified referral, Philcoin will reward a user. However, to unlock their rewards, they will be prompted to donate. To further educate their users and the broader crypto community, the new update will include the PHILEducation program. Users will learn numerous soft skills from accredited courses taught by qualified trainers.

Jerry Lopez, the founder, and CEO of Philcoin, said these new features are purposefully designed to benefit recipients. The app allows funds to reach the intended charity or organization more efficiently and transparently.

“Never before has philanthropy been on a peer-to-peer level. It’s always been from individuals to institutions or NGOs but never from one person to another. It’s created numerous challenges for philanthropists, especially in times of crisis when we cannot reach those in need instantly.”


“PHILApp changes the way giving happens so we can finally assist individuals on the ground quickly, efficiently, and transparently. Each feature and product of the app has been developed with a donate-and-earn aspect, rewarding users for their selfless acts of giving. It’s a win-win solution that I am tremendously proud to bring to market because Philcoin will give unto your first.” 

Philcoin plans to release PHILSocial, an all-in-one social platform, in 2023. 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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