PlasmaPay adds 34 new tokens to expand DeFi offering

Payment platform PlasmaPay has added 34 new tokens to its Plasma.Finance service to give users efficient exposure to the DeFi market

Global payment platform PlasmaPay has integrated a feature that allows users to enter the decentralised finance (DeFi) market, with support being added for 34 new DeFI tokens.

Popular DeFi tokens like Dai, Curve, Band Protocol and Algorand have all been added alongside Uni, Comp and Monero.

The tokens will also be available on the platform’s portfolio management service named Plasma.Finance.

Ilia Maksimenka, CEO of PlasmaPay, said: “PlasmaPay is laser-focused on lowering the barriers to DeFi, bringing the benefits of decentralised finance to the masses. PlasmaPay is making it incredibly easy to access the DeFi sector through its app, as well as its native PPAY token. That promise comes a step closer thanks to the range of tokens that can now be easily purchased through the platform.”

The upgrade also enables the purchase of tokens (YFI), with support for yVaults to Plasma.Finance.

Plasma.Finance is also integrating 7 yVaults into its ecosystem, each with its own reward profile. The yVaults are USDT, USDC, DAI, yCRV, crvBUSD, crvBTC and y3Crv.

In November, Coin Rivet reported on PlasmaPay’s strategic partnership with Elrond, which users with a fiat-on-ramp solution for those wanting to invest in DeFi.

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