Plutus calls on hackers to win crypto jackpot

Plutus has announced a bounty programme that sees hackers rewarded for finding bugs in the company’s platform.

Coders will compete for a jackpot prize of $3,000 equivalent paid in Pluton, the house digital currency that can be spent at NFC-enabled terminals using the Plutus Tap & Pay app or debit card via the DEX P2P exchange platform.

Danial Daychopan, CEO and Founder of Plutus, which launched in 2015, raising over $1 million in a crowdfunding round, says: “We are reaching out to the world’s hackers and tech enthusiasts to help us ensure the integrity of a revolutionary app and card that will allow you to spend your cryptocurrency at 40 million stores across the world. The bounty programme and jackpot are our appreciation of the hard work and time spent in identifying bugs.”

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