Police storm Tron offices in Beijing to protect staff from angry mob

An angry mob was held back by police at Tron's Beijing offices this morning due to the collapse of an alleged Ponzi scheme

Chinese police have been called to Tron’s offices in Beijing after an angry mob gathered to protest against an alleged Ponzi scheme that was using a name similar to Tron to dupe investors.

Videos began to circulate on social media this morning as police were seen forming a line inside the office doors.

According to Twitter user CryptoAuthority, the Ponzi scheme stole $30 million last week, with one investor committing suicide as a result.

Despite the fact that the enraged group were chanting “Tron is a scam”, the company’s CEO Justin Sun refuted any claims of involvement by labelling them as “fake news”.

Sun wrote: “Tron and BitTorrent is fine. Everything is fine. We are preparing for #BitTorrentSpeed launch today. Stop spreading fake news and pictures.”

Renowned analyst and former guest on Coin Rivet TV, Mati Greenspan, also dispelled rumours by writing: “A lot of misinformation floating around, so to clarify. The Tron office wasn’t raided by the cops. Tron was the one who called the police to protect them from investors who are upset that Tron scammed them.”

Several companies have been using Tron and the names of other projects to inflate alleged Ponzi schemes in recent months. Sun even warned investors about specific schemes on Friday.

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