Polygon integrates Chainlink Keepers to automate smart contract DevOps

The introduction of Chainlink Keepers follows Polygon's previous integrations of price feeds and VRF from the decentralised oracle provider

Polygon has integrated Chainlink Keepers to enable developers to secure and automate smart contract functions in a trust-less and decentralised manner.

Chainlink Keepers are now operational on Polygon and are enabling Smart contract developers building on Polygon to outsource their DevOps tasks to Keepers.

As a result, developers in the Polygon ecosystem are able to build more advanced, feature-rich dApps without worrying about smart contract execution.

Chainlink Keepers are a decentralised transaction automation service powered by Chainlink node operators that can trigger smart contract execution when certain predefined conditions are met – enabling automation in a “trust-minimised, cost-efficient, and fully verifiable manner”, according to Chainlink.


Essentially operating as ‘automation bots’, Keepers can perform regular smart contract maintenance tasks using off-chain computation to monitor when various user-defined conditions have been met and then execute on-chain contracts.

Sergey Nazarov, co-founder of Chainlink, commented on how the integration will empower Polygon developers further.

“We’re excited to expand the suite of decentralised services available on the Polygon network to include Chainlink Keepers, empowering their developers to build next-generation hybrid smart contract applications that can take advantage of both the data delivery and off-chain computation capabilities of Chainlink,” he said.

The integration of Chainlink Keepers follows Polygon‘s addition of Chainlink Price Feeds and VRF, which provides developers with decentralized price oracles for DeFi and secure RNG in gaming and NFTs.

Polygon reaffirmed that it remains “committed to providing developers with the best infrastructure for building secure and fully functional dApps in an accelerated manner”, with Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, commenting further on the importance of the integration to Polygon.

“The integration of Chainlink Keepers is a pivotal moment for the Polygon ecosystem as it simplifies both the developer and user experience and brings advanced utility to dApps,” he said.

“Developers can now save considerable time and money by outsourcing DevOps tasks to the most proven and reliable network of keepers while users benefit from more utility and automated features that no longer require their manual input.” 

Chainlink now secures more than $75bn in assets throughout the crypto industry via its expansive ecosystem of products which include price feeds, Keepers, VRF and the upcoming Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) – a “universal, open standard for developers to build secure services and applications” with multi-chain capabilities.

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