Power Ledger reveals ‘choose your energy’ scheme in France

Blockchain-based energy platform Power Ledger has set its sights on the French electricity market amid blossoming partnership with ekWateur

Australian energy exchange platform Power Ledger has partnered with green energy retailer ekWateur to revolutionise France’s electricity market, according to a press release.

The partnership will enable French citizens customise their source of electricity for the first time using Power Ledger’s blockchain-based system.

More than 220,000 electricity meters across France will gain access to Power Ledger’s new blockchain-enabled product Vision, which certifies the origin and source of renewable energy.

Households will be able to choose their own energy mix and track it in thirty minute intervals, as well as choose a certified source and origin of the renewable energy purchased.

“Power Ledger has proven the technology works and now we’re ready for a full scale country rollout in what will be our largest project to date. This also marks a world-first in energy trading, with customers able to select their energy mix, knowing it’s certified via an immutable blockchain platform,” said Power Ledger executive chairman Dr Jemma Green.

The platform’s token (POWR) has responded as expected to the announcement with a 7.88% move to the upside against its USD trading pair while rallying by 10% against Bitcoin.

The project now has a market cap of $25 million, up significantly from the turn of the year when it was just $15 million.

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