Pro Trump cryptocurrency suffers from data leak

Users of pro-Trump cryptocurrency MAGACOIN have suffered a data leak with sensitive information including email addresses and passwords being stolen

An anonymous hacktivist has handed a dossier to the UK’s Guardian newspaper claiming that more than 1,000 identities of those who signed up to the magacoin website were leaked.

The exposed data includes emails, passwords, crypto wallet addresses and IP addresses.

The ‘Make America Great Again’ coin (MAGACOIN) is a cryptocurrency started by used car company owner Marc Zelinka, which now appears to be managed by Reilly O’Neal– a North Carolina-based politician and pro-Trump operative.

The project aims to support candidates linked to the Make America Great Again slogan, and help fund their future campaigns and elections.

Exactly 74,5 million tokens were minted, symbolising the number of people who voted for Trump in the 2020 election. New sign-ups receive 100 magacoins, which is the amount most exposed addresses seem to have.

A much larger account with almost two million coins is linked to Zelinka, while several media personalities and organisations – including broadcaster John Rush and the Youth Federalist Initiative – hold several thousand magacoins. This may be the result of the Ambassador Program which offered 1,000 free magacoins to approved radio hosts and bloggers in general.

The news arrives just two weeks after GETTR – another pro-Trump platform – was hacked, revealing the identities of 90,000 members. It was created as an alternative to Twitter by a former Trump advisor Jason Miller.

The former president has not demonstrated any interest in either of the projects, notably remaining anti- crypto.

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