Project Genesis set to launch its Alpha phase this summer

Coin Rivet was recently invited by 8 Circuit Studios to check out its upcoming first-person shooter Project Genesis. Here's a look at how the new blockchain-based game is shaping up

8 Circuit Studios recently invited Coin Rivet to take part in a media tour to check out the latest developments with its upcoming blockchain game ‘Project Genesis’, which will be launching its Alpha phase in the summer. Here’s a look at how the game is shaping up so far.

Project Genesis

Project Genesis is a deep-space first-person shooter game with stunning backdrops. The player wakes up as an artificial intelligence (AI) inhabitant, and their objective will be to take down opposing players’ ‘capital ships’ by destroying their shields. Once an opposing capital ship’s shields have been depleted, the player will be able to infiltrate it.

The transition from space combat to close-quarters combat is incredibly smooth and something that is rarely seen in today’s games.

From there, players will have a series of objectives to complete to win the game. Players will have the ability to use different avatars and ships to customise their own experience.

There will also be a plethora of weapons available to the player – with some more suitable to certain situations than others.

In turn, this provides a rock, paper, scissors type scenario where teams will have to tactically decide which method is best for taking down the enemy.

The ship combat is purposefully not reminiscent of a flight simulator to help combat vertigo – which otherwise could have been an issue for players in the midst of fast-paced gameplay.

After seizing a number of capital ships, players will earn the title of ‘ace’, wherein they unlock their own capital ship. This provides incentive for players to actively complete tactical objectives and win a large number of games.

The Project Genesis store

8 Circuit Studios boasts its own online store which relies on the 8 Bit token. This can be traced on Etherscan, a blockchain explorer for the Ethereum network.

All tokens will be stored in a shared wallet which is managed by the studio. This means it is not a standalone feature such as MetaMask, which is commonly used for decentralised applications (dApps) online.

The game development team will also be adopting a philosophy that is the opposite to pay-to-win (P2W) – a trait that has been popularised by games such as Fortnite and which has received its fair share of criticism.

To achieve this, only aesthetic items such as character skins will be available through the store. Any weapons which would otherwise provide an added advantage will not be obtainable through spending money.

The ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards will be utilised by 8 Circuit Studios for their in-game assets, which have three categories: avatars, property, and items.

The Metaverse

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of Project Genesis will be its inter-game operability in 8 Circuit Studios’ ‘Metaverse’.

The Metaverse is a series of games all located within one universe. Players who have obtained items in one game will be able to use them in other games, giving them the chance to have a truly unique and authentic experience.

The Alpha phase of the game is set to be released in the summer, and anybody wanting to register for the Alpha phase can do so on the Project Genesis website.

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