Project Verte launches MyVerte on the blockchain

"It became clear that current marketplaces we're designed around the branding of the marketplace, not of the brands themselves"

Project Verte, an e-commerce solution for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands, has announced the beta roll-out of its marketplace MyVerte.

Built on the blockchain and tapping machine learning and AI technology, this is launching with over 100 brands, including Foreo, Stryx, Temporary Forevers, Les Belles Heures, Birthstone Scents, Ujjayi, Unbound and La Luna Rose. Companies get access to various tools, including fulfilment services, inventory financing and an Uber-style ratings feature where they can score shoppers on a scale of one to five stars based on their return behaviour. Serial returners can be blocked from purchasing, or even browsing, products.

“It became clear that current marketplaces we’re designed around the branding of the marketplace, not of the brands themselves,” says Julian Kahlon, CEO of Project Verte, which raised $50 million in seed funding late last year.

“Existing marketplaces’ messaging constantly overshadow its participating brands’ messaging, perception, equity and overall identity. Our goal in founding Project Verte was to give D2C brands the ability to reclaim control, and get the optimisation and insights that they need to grow their businesses, increase their bottomline, while at the same time staying true to their core values.”

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