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Chromia Confirms Mainnet Release In 2024

Stockholm, Sweden, December 4th, 2023, Chainwire

Chromia confirms mainnet launch in 2024, highlights key features, and roadmap updates outlining the project development goals.

Chromia, a relational blockchain platform designed for decentralized applications, has officially announced its mainnet launch, scheduled for 2024. The project has released an updated roadmap, which can be found on their official channels and website’s roadmap page.

Chromia was co-founded by CEO Henrik Hjelte, COO Or Perelman, and CTO Alex Mizrahi, aiming to deliver a ‘relational blockchain’ architecture on a publicly available network. The technology, pioneered by the Swedish-based company ChromaWay, combines the efficiency of a relational database with the secure and permissionless nature of blockchain.

Chromia’s vision and scope expanded its initial role as a standalone platform, incorporating interoperability features with Ethereum and other EVM chains. The team’s dedicated efforts have resulted in the creation of modular Layer-1 and Layer-2 solutions.

The development timeline of the chain was extended as the team dedicated their time to building robust user experiences such as Web 3 gaming “My Neighbour Alice” and “Mines of Dalarnia” with established tokenomics and substantial user bases. 

Commenting on the Chromia mainnet launch, Henrik Hjelte, CEO of Chromia, said, “It took us, founders, 10 years to build the technology we believe can make an impact on the world at large. To make public decentralized applications go mainstream, you need a comprehensive feature set and ease of use. Chromia’s mainnet is poised to launch with powerful features encompassing modularity, EVM interoperability, relational database architecture, and on-chain file storage. I’m proud of the Chromia batteries-included approach, and I’m sure that developers will love the new elegance and productivity we bring to crypto”.

The project’s roadmap outlined the remaining development goals, primarily focused on Chromia-based tokens, bridging assets from EVM chains, and a native fee system. Additionally, significant effort has been dedicated to preparing necessary utilities for end users and developers, including an official wallet, a block explorer, and extensive technical documentation and tutorials. 

The project’s ecosystem is beginning to exhibit early signs of growth, evidenced in their ‘Shared Appnet,’ an early production environment for decentralized applications (dapps). This network is already powering several projects, including a digital collectibles marketplace from German football club VfB Stuttgart and the fashion brand BLK DNM’s ‘Connected Fashion’ technology.

The updated roadmap is available on Chromia’s website.

Users can stay connected with Chromia and get the latest updates from the following official Twitter:

About Chromia

Chromia is a blockchain platform that provides scalable, secure, and developer-friendly solutions for decentralized applications. Their relational blockchain technology is designed to support high performance, low cost, and ease of use for developers and end-users.


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