Fetch.ai partners with eSports team Immortals to drive crypto adoption

Blockchain AI platform Fetch.ai and eSports organisation Immortals have partnered in a year-long influencer campaign dubbed ‘Team Fetch.ai’ in a bid to expand its reach to eSports viewers interested in learning about cryptocurrencies.

‘Team Fetch.ai’ will feature an array of professional players and ‘streamers’ including ‘Wild Rift’ pro GosuHoon, Immortals streamer Pterodactylsftw and ‘Queens Gaming Collective’ streamers AvaGG and Demisux.

They will serve as brand ambassadors for Fetch.ai with integrations designed to drive deep engagement through various mediums with enter-to-win activation and giveaways for jerseys, merchandise and one-of-a-kind custom-designed NFTs.

Immortals and Fetch.ai announced the launch of a yearlong gaming influencer campaign, “Team Fetch.ai.”

Each member of the team will be kitted out in clothing with Fetch.ai branding alongside custom branding across their Twitch streams.

Educational opportunities will also be offered by both parties to help educate those “new to the crypto space” through resources and content designed to drive cryptocurrency adoption in the eSports space.

Humayun Sheikh, Fetch.ai CEO and founder, commented on the importance of tapping into the “demographics overlap” that exists between the two industries.

“There are well over one billion gamers worldwide and Fetch.ai is keen to collaborate with fans of gaming and eSports,” he said.

“Cryptocurrency and eSports demographics overlap and with an eye on the metaverse for gaming, we are excited to bring Fetch.ai to eSports fans and look forward to our collaboration with the Immortals team.”

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