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LimeChain Drives Web3 Innovation, Enhancing the Global Market

Bulgaria, Sofia, April 05, 2023 – Web3 is global and growing fast. The international market value of Web3 is expected to increase by more than 40% per annum through 2030. Its decentralized architecture and smart contract capabilities have transformative potential. Across industries such as finance, gaming, and social media, a blurring of technological lines is taking place.

Of course, delivering the promise of Web3 demands excellent user experience. And infrastructure is the engine of that experience. LimeChain is a pioneering Web3 engineering and product design firm contributing to that infrastructure – from DAOs to dApps and scaling solutions. LimeChains commitment to the mission is unwavering. 

This commitment fuels their continued drive to grow and improve their core team of Web3 builders. 2022 was incredibly successful for LimeChain in this regard, as the team grew by 50% compared to 2021. The team is now over 100 strong, making LimeChain one of biggest Web3 companies in the world. Their recruitment effort has been significantly bolstered by their very successful Web3 training program LimeAcademy, which is aimed at preparing the next wave of Web3 engineers.

For 2023, LimeChain aims to maintain this level of growth and retain their position as a leading provider of Web3 services, including smart contract development, blockchain network development, DEX development, dApp design & development and ZKP implementation, among others.

“LimeChain has been a driving force for innovation in the Web3 space for over five years. We’ve been consistently delivering impactful products, helping to further the Web3 evolution and realize the vast potential of Web3 technologies. At the same time, we’ve also been educating talented Web3 engineers through our training program.

We are incredibly fortunate that we can share this journey with a number of standout clients and partners and explore projects and ideas that push us to perfect our craft and fuel our never-ending pursuit of excellence,”
Nick Todorov, co-founder and CEO of LimeChain. 

Since their inception in 2017, LimeChain have selected innovative projects and ambitious partners that align with their vision, celebrating the growth and enrichment of the Web3 ecosystem, especially during challenging times. One River Digital Asset Management, recently acquired by Coinbase Inc., is a standout client.

“Our technology partners are critical as we work to build the first generation of institutional infrastructure in Web3. LimeChain has consistently delivered across design, engineering, and timely execution. Their ability to collaborate with in-house technical talent is outstanding. Working with LimeChain has accelerated our product development and expanded our perspective through a detailed, technical lens.” 

Shaun Martinak, Product Lead, Onebridge, Coinbase Asset Management

For the team at LimeChain, the recognition of their continued contribution to the growth of the industry has meant a lot, especially coming from a key partner that is at the outset of a new chapter of their Web3 journey. Looking ahead, they remain committed to supporting all of their clients and work with them to redefine what could be achieved in the Web3 space and introduce these fascinating technologies to a broader audience.


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