Solana-based game ‘DeFi Land’ launches single-sided staking

Solana-based game ‘DeFi Land’ has launched single-sided staking following its first Gen-0 NFT drop that sold in less than 80 seconds.

Introducing single-sided staking is a big step forward for the multi-chain GameFi agriculture simulator, since it allows its users to stake DFL tokens to earn immediately available rewards.

All of the staking features are accessible in the game and maintain the appeal of the overarching DeFi Land interface.

The staking feature encompasses flexible and locked staking options, and while flexible staking has the extra benefit of removing a stake whenever necessary, the lock option incentivises long-term DFL holders to stake and support the ecosystem, yielding a higher APY.

Rewards will be based on the number of tokens and period of time staked, and users will be able to stake $DFL both from the game and the dedicated website.

A total of 7,500 NFT seeds were available to whitelisted users through an eight-hour interval.

The team sold the rest of the NFTs through a public sale, which concluded in less than two minutes due to overwhelming demand.

As a result, DeFi Land NFTs are on many people’s radars and will now unlock play-to-earn in-game mechanics. Moreover, the trading volume across secondary marketplaces surpassed 15,000 $SOL in a single day, confirming growing interest in these tokens.

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