Splinterlands passes billion battles milestone

Splinterlands, an NFT-based trading card game, has now surpassed the one billion battles milestone in a record-setting piece of history.

Users can trade NFT-based cards and earn the game’s native currency known as ‘Dark Energy Crystals’ as well battle thousands of other players.

According to dappRadar, the blockchain-based game has been the go-to play-to-earn game for six months in a row, demonstrating its dominance in the GameFi industry.

In December, Splinterlands ranked as the most-played blockchain game four months running and has continued its reign at the pinnacle of blockchain games into 2022.

Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, CEO and co-founder of Splinterlands spoke of his delight that the game had become a needle mover in the industry.

“I can’t help but be ecstatic,” he expressed.

“This is a historic moment in gaming history and I’m so proud that Splinterlands is trailblazing in play-to-earn.”

Splinterlands card launch

The card game announced the launch of its ‘Chaos Legion’ pack sale in December 2021 which consisted of three phases, with the first phase of a million packs selling out.

Its second phase of two million packs also sold out with Splinterlands now halfway through its general sale of 12 million packs that has so far sold seven million within days of its launch on January 17.

The gaining popularity of Splinterlands has resulted in the card game achieving more than 400k active users as well as managing up to four million transactions per day.

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