Sports betting market size expected to grow by $106.25bn before 2025

The digital revolution is driving dramatic growth in the sports betting industry, with a recent report revealing that market size could grow by $106.25bn over the next three years.

With the industry posting an impressive year-on-year gain of 21.54% – it is clear that Covid-19 has been a factor in the space, as the global gambling community has increasingly shifted focus to emerging opportunities in the digital sphere.

Crypto-based sports betting has risen in prominence and popularity, with big teams such as Watford FC making multi-year partnerships with crypto bookmakers.

The APAC region will drive growth in iGaming sector

Unsurprisingly, the Asian-Pacific region is expected to see the bulk-share of market growth, with a projected 39% increase primarily centred on the Chinese and Australian retail markets, according to the report.

Swelling middle classes in India and China have been a particularly influential dynamic on online platforms, with substantial demand for fantasy sports gaming.

However, privacy infrastructure and government regulators are still presenting a continual barrier to an explosion in online crypto gambling.

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