Qadre launches solution to demystify blockchain technology

Qadre has announced a series of updates including a rebrand and a solution to help educate financial institutions on blockchain technology

London-based blockchain firm Qadre has launched a solution to provide financial institutions with knowledge on the technology that underlies cryptocurrencies.

The solution comes after a study by TechUK who examined the barriers people face when trying to learn about and enter the blockchain industry.

The main takeaway was an inherent lack of understanding of the technology and a lack of trust from C-suite decision makers.

In response, Qadre is introducing a campaign to demystify blockchain through a glossary series of content ranging from cryptography to cybersecurity.

The firm will also undergo a complete rebrand in order to reiterate the company’s ultimate goal of educating institutions.

“Today’s solutions are risky, unintegrated and opaque. Qadre delivers certainty in the digital age, allowing consumers and businesses to build mutual trust,” said Nick Williamson, CEO and founder of Qadre. “Our new brand identity embodies our ambition to demystify blockchain and demonstrate how it can modernise financial markets.”

“The blockchain industry is full of jargon,” added Anna Flach, Head of Growth and Communications.

“To instil confidence and drive practical applications, we have a responsibility to explain the benefits and applications of the technology simply. Only when the (wo)man on the street outside the ‘blockchain bubble’ understands the potential impact of the technology will blockchain become mainstream and transform our daily lives for the better.”

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