Quoine launches crypto one-stop trading portal, Liquid

Quoine's new platform called Liquid will merge with existing crypto platforms Quoinex and Qryptos, creating access to a global network of cryptocurrency trading platforms

FinTech company Quoine has unveiled what is pitched as one of the world’s largest one-stop cryptocurrency exchanges that allows users to access a global network of trading platforms.

Liquid also enables users to match orders from different currencies, enhancing liquidity, facilitating market stability and empowering a new wave of digital asset traders to buy and sell crypto safely.

“Liquid allows users to match trades across multiple transactions and cryptocurrencies,” Quoine explains. “For example, the orders of BTC/SGD, ETH/SGD and BTC/ETH can be matched together. This is expected to increase the liquidity of all available cryptocurrencies on Liquid greatly.”

The merging of three platforms

Quoine will merge its Qryptos and Quoinex trading platforms to the new Liquid network, providing access to liquidity pools sourced by a unified platform.

Qryptos is a crypto-only exchange and Quoinex is a fiat-to-crypto exchange as well as one of the world’s largest Bitcoin trading platforms in regards to transaction volume. Quoine is the first global crypto firm in the world to be officially licenced by Japan’s Financial Service Authority (FSA). It also claims to process transactions worth over $50 billion a year, which places its platforms among the 100 top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Liquid’s token is called the QASH. It grants access to the full suite of services on Liquid, along with discounts and additional benefits.

The issues Liquid resolves

According to those involved, “the development of cryptocurrency markets has been hampered by a fragmented trading landscape. Potential buyers and sellers have been confined to single platforms and like-for-like trades”. Liquid aims to resolve the issue.

In later stages, it will provide investors with a multi-market order book able to aggregate the orders and prices on exchanges around the world into a single, highly liquid and tradable order book, allowing orders to be placed in the currency of each investors’ choice.

Crying for stability

Cryptocurrency markets have been crying out for stability,” says Quoine CEO and Co-Founder Mike Kayamori. “All through 2018, BTC/USD has been incredibly volatile, creating market inefficiencies and huge headaches for traders. Liquid heralds a less volatile future and improved liquidity within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

Kayamori states that Liquid is more than just a crypto exchange. “It is an all-in-one platform that will help integrate traditional finance and the token economy. We offer everything you can expect from a full-service trading platform, while our underlying tech helps connect a global crypto community.”

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