Rapper Lil’ Pump reportedly accepts Bitcoin Lightning payments at his merchandise store

Young rapper, Lil' Pump, who has a following of more than a million on Twitter, is reportedly accepting Bitcoin Lightning payments at his merch store

Controversial rapper, Lil’ Pump, is reportedly accepting Bitcoin Lightning payments at his merchandise store ‘Unhappy’.

Lil’ Pump, 18, is perhaps most known from his track titled ‘Gucci Gang,’ in which he epitomises the “mumble rap” style. The style itself has attracted controversy from music enthusiasts who revel in old school hip hop, but is becoming massively popular with younger generations.

Most notably Lil’ Pump at one point was embroiled in a war of words with J Cole, a popular hip hop artist. The pair argued over lyricism and its place in the world of hip hop and rap, though Lil’ Pump retorted that he was just having fun.

Regardless of opinions surrounding Lil’ Pump, he boasts an impressive 1.24 million followers on Twitter and has even released a track with hip hop icon Kanye West – showcasing how extensive the young rappers reach truly is.

Now the Twitter account LightningNetworkStores has reported that Lil’ Pump’s merchandise store will be accepting Bitcoin Lightning payments.

The store called ‘Unhappy’ is now listed on the Lightning Network Stores website.

This isn’t the first time crypto has been brought to the attention of the mainstream through rap and hip hop. Famous hip hop behemoth Eminem referenced Bitcoin is his latest album ‘Kamikaze’ in the track titled ‘Not Alike’ which is a collaboration with another hip hop legend Royce Da 5’9′.

Coin Rivet has also reported on the son of the late Wu Tang Clan legend, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Young Dirty was involved in the launch of ‘DirtyCoin.’

Snoop Dogg has also sung praise about XRP at an event that celebrated the cryptocurrency, while Akon launched ‘Akoin’ to help the disadvantaged in Africa.

Haven’t heard about hip hop artists and their foray into crypto? Discover more about Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Young Dirty and Akons adventures into the world of crypto.

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