Reality Clash, an augmented reality first person shooter mobile game, has launched in the UK

Reality Clash, dubbed as the world's first augmented reality first person shooter, has officially launched in the UK for iOS and Android

Reality Clash’s first mobile-based first person shooter has officially launched in the UK and will be continually updated throughout the year.

The Reality Clash Twitter account announced the news, revealing UK residents can now play the mobile game which is already available in New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Russia, Spain, Italy and the Philippines. The game is billed as “the world’s first AR (augmented reality) combat game” and is partially based on real events.

Glitches and opportunities

The blockchain phenomenon began in 2008 with an “unknown entity” known only as Satoshi Nakamoto. Since its creation, billions of cryptographic calculations have been made in a race to resolve each block in turn. However in 2017, an individual hacker called ‘Multis’ discovered a glitch in a node which allowed him to access an undiscovered reality.

He uploaded an avatar of his physical form through the access node and began to build a new world call “The Sim”. The player’s objective is to fight for control of The Sim – competing against each other.

The game relies on ‘Reality Clash Gold Coins’ which are Ethereum-based utility tokens that serve as the primary trading currency within the game.

They are unique items used against in-game enemies, but will also be used for trading purposes when the market goes live. The website notes that traders will be able to profit on speculation while gamers can collect exclusive items to “show off”.


Since the tokens are Ethereum based, there will be Proof-of-Ownership registered on the Ethereum blockchain. Players will receive a certificate showcasing the Proof-of-Purchase with a unique serial number that is also logged on the blockchain.

These items will be limited to the player only which will help generate digital scarcity on the in-game items, thereby driving up value.

The Reality Clash Gold Coins can be purchased at the Reality Clash website and they can be traded at third party exchanges.

The game is now available on both the iOS and Android store.

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