Reality Clash weapons can now be traded on OpenSea

Reality Clash has partnered with peer-to-peer marketplace OpenSea, meaning players can now trade limited-edition weapons with each other through the OpenSea platform

Players of Reality Clash, a first-person-shooter mobile game, can now trade weapons with each other through the OpenSea platform, according to a press release shared with Coin Rivet.

Reality Clash was developed and published by the Reality Gaming Group and was released in early 2019.

The press release details how players can now trade weapons with one another using popular peer-to-peer marketplace OpenSea, “the world’s largest marketplace for crypto collectibles”.

The news presents a new avenue for players of the mobile game to buy and sell limited-edition weapons and earn money through the OpenSea platform.

The announcement details how crypto collectibles are fundamentally a new type of digital product. Unlike traditional in-game downloadable content (DLC) – which is owned and controlled by a centralised game developer – blockchain-enabled crypto collectibles can be traded and monetised directly by the player.

Reality Clash weapon demand has already been established, with players spending more than one million Reality Clash Coins (RCC) on 6,000 weapons since the game’s armoury store went live last year.

Traders have already begun user-to-user trading, with some rare in-game items selling for more than 20,000 RCC ($80). One Bitcoin-skinned item sold for a remarkable 25,000 RCC ($100).

The items are not limited to Reality Clash either. Reality Gaming Group’s crypto collectibles will be compatible with other blockchain-enabled games. This means items can be ported across games, which paves the way for new in-game economies.

Morten Rongaard, co-founder of Reality Gaming Group, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be partnering with OpenSea to enable more people to trade Reality Clash crypto collectibles.

“The addressable market is huge and represents the future of DLC and in-game economies for video games developers and publishers – we’re excited to be among the pioneers in the space.”

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