Reality Gaming Group launches crypto collectables trading platform

Reality Gaming Group has launched a crypto collectables trading platform enabling players of Reality Clash to buy and sell limited-edition weapons

Reality Gaming Group has launched a trading platform that grants players the ability to buy and sell limited-edition weapons and earn Reality Clash Gold coins (RCC), according to a press release shared with Coin Rivet.

Reality Gaming Group is the team behind the mobile augmented reality combat game ‘Reality Clash’, which is supported by blockchain technology.

All tradeable weapons in the game are ERC-721 tokens on the blockchain and feature proof of purchase (smart contracts) – a technology that is “ushering in a new crypto collectables era for virtual items and downloadable content (DLC) in video games”.

Supply and demand creates inherent value in crypto collectables, and as the value of limited-edition Reality Clash weapons increases, “players are free to decide whether to cash in on their investment and keep any profit, or use the item within a game or take it to their grave”.

The press release details how demand for Reality Clash weapons has already been established with more than 5,500 items – totalling up to more than one million RCC coins – having been bought by players since the game’s Armoury Store went live last year.

Reality Gaming Group’s trading platform and crypto collectables will be compatible with other blockchain-based games, and in the future players will be able to port their items across to another game or even loan them to a friend.

There will be new Reality Clash guns launching each month, while users will also have the ability to create their own weapons. Once custom created weapons have been approved by Reality Clash, players can then sell them in the marketplace.

The press release cites two pieces of research to highlight how significant crypto collectable marketplaces can become.

SuperData estimates that digital collectable card games (not blockchain-based) alone generated revenues of $1.5 billion in 2018.

However, the “blockchain premium” attached to crypto collectables places the figure at a market estimate of $950 billion, according to Tony Sheng.

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