Record $1m ‘Zombie’ Cool Cats sale kickstarts ‘HalloweeNFT’ season

'HalloweeNFT' starts with spooky surprise for Cool Cats community as sale bolsters collection's incredible growth

A special edition ‘Zombie’ Cool Cat NFT was bought yesterday in a record sale for 320 ETH ($1.1m) ahead of the start of the inaugural ‘HalloweeNFT’ season.

The sale marks the start of the so-called “HalloweeNFT” season – a period when ‘spooky’ non-fungible token projects featuring zombies, ghosts and skeletons are due to thrive in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

In true Halloween spirit, The ‘Zombie’ Cool Cat features a Cool Cat with its brain exposed and a spooky background. What makes the Zombie so special is its status as a 1/1 NFT, meaning it features custom artwork and differs greatly from the rest of the collection.

Cool Cats congratulated the seller and original minter – DoxiaStudio – on Twitter, saying that the funds are going to be used to start an animal shelter called the ‘Cool Shelter‘.

DoxiaStudio then tweeted later to thank the Cool Cats team and community for their support, saying “I have no words to express what I’m feeling!” in a message to his followers.

Data from Rarity.Tools shows that the nine ‘1/1″ Cool Cats NFTs are the rarest and most sought-after NFTs in the collection. Their description on OpenSea even refers to them as “one of the nine hidden cats” and that they were created by the developers without telling the rest of the team.

Naturally, in true NFT fashion, 1/1 editions often reach the highest prices due to their scarce nature and the status that comes with owning a special edition piece. So far, three out of the four highest sales of Cool Cats have been ‘1/1’ editions, including the former highest record sale of 110 ETH from CoinUnited.

The buyer of the Zombie Cool Cat – ‘Bornadoesntcare‘ –  also tweeted about the record sale, saying “The @coolcatsnft team and community are all amazing” and that they “couldn’t be more honoured to own this 1/1 Zombie cat.”

Another user on Twitter – ‘nathanhead.eth‘ – noted that the Zombie sale is now the first Cool Cats sale of over $1m and marks the growing popularity of the cat-based NFT collection. The floor price of a Cool Cat NFT recently reached 10 ETH (33k) in a landmark achievement for an NFT project.

Now, the floor price has risen to 14.45 ETH (49k) and is showing no signs of slowing down as buyers seek to enter the NFT space through the sought-after ‘blue-chip’ NFT collections such as CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club and its most recent addition – Cool Cats.

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