Relax Gaming Broadens Player Reach Through AboutSlots Partnership

Relax Gaming, a leading iGaming provider, has announced its collaboration with AboutSlots, a popular online gaming portal. The partnership aims to enhance Relax Gaming’s content offering by making it more accessible to gaming enthusiasts. This eagerly acclaimed custom-built title will be developed jointly by the two companies, with Relax Gaming’s skilled and experienced development team drawing on the expertise of AboutSlots’ iGaming enthusiasts to create a tailored game to players’ needs, with a release date that has been set for July 2023.

AboutSlots is a popular online gaming forum and community where players can share their experiences, tips, and strategies. Since its establishment, AboutSlots has grown into one of the largest and most active online gaming communities, with thousands of members worldwide. The website offers a wide range of resources, including reviews of online casinos and games, bonus offers, and discussion forums. In addition to its online community, AboutSlots has also launched several popular YouTube channels, which feature live streams of casino games, interviews with industry experts, and other content related to online gambling. AboutSlots has consistently remained a popular and trusted resource for players since its launch. Today, the website continues to provide valuable information and support to players looking to improve their gaming experiences and maximize their winnings.

In light of the highly anticipated partnership with Relax Gaming, AboutSlots’ co-founder Anton Joelsson has spoken out about his excitement for the project, saying that players would enjoy all the “little details” that have gone into producing the game. Joelsson also commented on how Relax Gaming has “always been the obvious choice” and is confident that the new release will be “much appreciated” by the gaming community as the partnership will enable them to provide users with an enhanced gaming experience. CEO Simon Hammon of Relax Gaming shared Joelsson’s enthusiasm for the collaboration and the forthcoming release of the new title. According to Hammon, “listening to players” and “engaging with the streamer community” have always been essential to Relax Gaming’s approach and success. Furthermore, he mentioned that AboutSlots is well-known for providing entertainment to the community and that Relax Gaming is excited to see what they can create together.

Since its inception, Relax Gaming has developed a portfolio of high-quality casino games, including popular slots such as the Money Train 3 slot, Horror Hotel, Dead Riders Trail, and a cutting-edge poker platform. One of the main goals of Relax Gaming is to offer players a unique and engaging gaming experience, which is achieved through their innovative and diverse game content. In addition to game development, the company also provides services such as aggregation and content distribution to other online casino operators. The provider has also recently launched its ‘Silver Bullet’ and ‘Powered by Relax’ partnership programs, which allow smaller game studios to distribute their content more easily. This has led to an increase in the number of games available on the platform. Relax Gaming’s success can be attributed to its talented and experienced team of professionals dedicated to delivering top-notch gaming products and services to the industry.

As part of their new joint venture, Relax Gaming has announced plans to tap into the vast experience of CasinoDaddy, a highly acclaimed slots streaming platform that forms an integral part of the AboutSlots brand. This groundbreaking partnership is the most recent in a series of collaborative initiatives led by Relax Gaming, which focuses on joining forces with key players in the industry to create exceptional gaming content. The highly awaited title will be added to Relax Gaming’s portfolio of over 4,000 online games consisting of high-performing original slots as well as a vast and varied library of content developed by carefully selected third-party studios. The forthcoming launch will include a max win that ranks among the highest of all Relax games, as well as a feature buy selection that caters to players of all skill levels and a visually appealing base game with pleasant music and top-notch design.

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