Blockchain business models

Year 2018
Author Even Nikolai Lokøy, Olle Nyberg
Publisher University of Oslo
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Blockchain is a distributed database technology that enables digital ownership, and transaction of values through facilitating trust for its users. In this study incumbent company efforts to commercialise blockchain and create blockchain business models has been investigated through an exploratory design with the following research questions:

  • Is blockchain a disruptive technology, and how is the technology handled by the incumbents?
  • What aspects of the business model are affected by blockchain technology and how will this lead to a new spectre of opportunities?

To unveil blockchain’s effect on business models, the findings in the conducted interviews has been analyzed in light of Osterwalder´s theory on business models. The thesis shows that blockchain partially can be considered a disruptive technology. Further, blockchain affect all dimensions of Osterwalder´s business model framework.

Discover how blockchain business models could transform the way industries work, including the healthcare and energy sectors.