Blockchain Media: A new game changer for the media industry

Year 2018
Author Deloitte
Publisher Blockchain Institute
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Blockchain technology has the potential to enable new business models, especially across the media industry. The industry has typically been impacted by the availability and commoditisation of content, often being undermined by widespread piracy of intellectual property. Digitisation has played a major role in giving customers free access to large quantities of content – without the need for them to pay.

Blockchain technology has the potential to resolve existing challenges throughout the media industry. Some examples include:

  • Paid content receiving a boost from new, micropayment-based pricing models
  • Monetisation options emerging for an increasingly fragmented content inventory (e.g. blogs, news bites, photos)
  • Allocation of advertising budgetsbecoming more accurate and targeted as media usage can be directly linked to the respective content items
  • Copyright infringements and piracy becoming nearly impossible.

Blockchain’s potential benefits for the media industry primarily relate to payment transactions and copyright tracking. Content creators may be able to keep a close track of their playtimes, royalties and advertising revenues could be shared in an exact and timely manner based on consumption, and low cost content could be purchased efficiently, even if priced at mere fractions of cents.

Download this research paper from Deloitte to discover five different use cases for blockchain technology in the media industry, ranging from paid content without boundaries right through to distribution of royalty payments.