Blockchain Practices, Potentials, and Perspectives in Greening Supply Chains

Year 2018
Author Mahtab Kouhizadeh and Joseph Sarkis
Publisher MDPI
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Blockchain technology is an inchoate technology whose current popularity is peaking. Some of the most pervasive blockchain technology use cases exist for supply chains. Sustainable, and especially green, supply chains can benefit from blockchain technology, but there are also caveats.

The sustainability and environmental management research and academic literature is only starting to investigate this emergent field.

Supply chain management is critical for managing sustainability at global and local levels. Whether the focus is on environmental and green initiatives or social responsibility, the largest and deepest influences are supply chain activities.

Of all technological developments, blockchain technology can have profound implications for supply chain sustainability, also known as distributed ledger technology. Although the authors devote a whole section to the definition of blockchain technology and general characteristics, they define it as decentralised databases or ledgers of records that are shared among networks and supply chain participants. In blockchains, records and data are secure, traceable, and auditable, and maintained on a peer-to-peer network

This paper seeks to help advance the discussion and motivate additional practice and research related to the area. This viewpoint paper provides insight into some of the main dimensions of blockchain technology, an overview of the use cases and issues, and some general research areas for further investigation.