Blockchain technology and privacy-preserving tools

Year 2017
Author Jonatan H. Bergquist
Publisher Uppsala University
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This research explores blockchain technology and smart contracts as a way of building privacy-preserving tools. The main focus is on a medication plan containing prescriptions, built on a blockchain system of smart contracts. Although this is an example use case, the results can be transferred to other ones where sensitive data is being shared and a proof of validity or authentication is needed.

The research explores why medication plans are in need of digitalisation and why blockchain technology is a fitting technology for implementing such an application. The author explains blockchain technology in full and how it can be used to create privacy-preserving tools.

This research offers up a system of smart contracts that was built to prove how such an application can be built, and also suggests guidelines for how a blockchain system should be designed to fulfil the requirements that were defined.

Finally, a discussion is held regarding the applicability of different blockchain designs to the problem of privacy-preserving tools and applications.

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