Business models based on IoT, AI and blockchain

Year 2018
Author Jin Liu
Publisher Uppsala University
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Every time the development of technology enters a new epoch, big changes in the business and society will follow. Especially for the entrepreneurs, it signifies both opportunities and challenges at the same time. In the next decade, IoT, AI and blockchain will be the main driving forces in the upcoming technological evolution and demonstrate great synergic potential.

Business model canvas is a very popular method for startups to align the resources and formulate the strategy, which is also the framework used in this research. The main target of this thesis is to demonstrate a thinking method to converge IoT, AI and blockchain in the business models and evaluate the most significant elements in the business planning stage. It could help the future startups to take advantages of the opportunities and overcome the challenges in the new business environment.

Business models based on IoT, AI and blockchain provides a thinking method for the entrepreneurs about how to take advantages of the upcoming technological revolution. Discover what steps businesses should take to introduce these innovative technologies.