Research whitepaper: Blockchain technology by Cisco

Year 2018
Author Cisco
Publisher Cisco
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Digital transformation requires business networks to trust one another. And what better way is there to build trust than through blockchain technology?

The blockchain market is expected to be valued at around $9.7 billion by 2021, so businesses need to act now if they want a slice of the pie. This whitepaper from Cisco demonstrates how blockchain technology is creating massive opportunities for businesses that rely on supply chains or that want to implement IoT features into their processes.

Blockchain technology can be for every individual and every business – but it may offer greater leverage to bigger enterprises. That’s why Cisco has created a dedicated framework that aims to make blockchain enterprise ready. As we head towards mass adoption, Cisco is bringing together ecosystems, standards and alliances to drive industry adoption. Blockchain technology requires composable architectures that enable specific implementations, so each business can get exactly what they need from it.

Take a look at Cisco’s dedicated framework, including their platform overview, interfaces, infrastructure and security features. With a good understanding of the technology, businesses can start to unlock the value of interoperability. To do this successfully, they must understand the importance of distributed system and hyperledger technology. This whitepaper will give you everything you need to know.