Global cryptocurrency benchmarking study

Year 2017
Author Garrick Hileman, Michel Rauchs
Publisher University of Cambridge Judge Business School
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The University of Cambridge Judge Business School present the first global cryptocurrency benchmarking study. The findings from this study are based on the collecton of non-public data from nearly 150 companies and individuals, and this report offers new insights on an innovatve and rapidly evolving sector of the economy.

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have been seen by some as merely a passing fad or insignifcant, but that view is increasingly at odds with the data observed. The combined market value of all cryptocurrencies is above $27 billion, which represents a level of value creation on the order of Silicon Valley success stories like AirBnB.

The advent of cryptocurrency has also sparked many new business platforms with sizeable valuations of their own, along with new forms of peer-to-peer economic activity. The growing usage and range of capabilities of blockchain documented in the cryptocurrency benchmarking study indicate that these assets are taking on an ever more important role in the lives of a growing number of people (and machines) around the world.

This is the first cryptocurrency benchmarking study to systematically investigate key industry sectors by collecting empirical, non-public data. The study gathered survey data from nearly 150 cryptocurrency companies and individuals, and it covers 38 countries from five
world regions. The study details the key industry sectors that have emerged and the different entities that inhabit them.