Revain up 78% following live product launch

Cryptocurrency review platform Revain has launched its live product following a beta phase, prompting a 78% move to the upside over the past two days

Cryptocurrency review platform Revain has announced the launch of its live product, which comes after a successful beta testing phase.

The aim of Revain is to ‘reinvent reviews online’. This is achieved by storing reviews on the blockchain, making them completely unalterable. Revain also uses AI technology, IBM Watson, to filter out poor quality or dishonest reviews, all of which is transparently viewable on the Revain blockchain.

The live launch of the product sees a revamped main page, full blockchain implementation and an author incentive system, which credits authors depending on the quality of their review.

The quality of reviews is deciphered by Revain’s AI, IBM Watson. High quality reviews will earn rewards in the form of Revain’s token, which is trading at around $0.25 on BTC-Alpha and OKEx.

This incentive structure not only encourages users to leave factual and unbiased reviews, it also rewards authors who are consistent in their comments.

Revain’s price has risen considerably over the past two days, rising from $0.15 on the 24th October to almost $0.26 on the 26th, a 78% move.

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