Ripple’s XRP crashes to $0.18 amid massive sell-off

XRP has descended into uncharted territory following a huge sell-off that wiped 16% off the market cap in just two days

Ripple’s XRP token is now trading at its lowest point since October 2017 following a 16% drop over the last 48 hours.

The sell-off has been reflected across all major cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin also falling to $6,600 while Ethereum continues to stutter at around $122.

XRP’s market cap is now shockingly below $8 billion – a stark contrast to the $142 billion high it reached in January 2018.

From a technical standpoint, XRP’s price chart looks extremely fragile as a number of key support levels have been taken out to the downside.

Moving forwards, XRP needs to rally back above the $0.21 level, which now becomes a stern point of resistance.

A break above the 22 EMA on the daily chart could also spur a relief rally to the upside as it has suppressed price action since November 8.

The next levels of support to the downside for XRP are at $0.16 and $0.14, although a break below those levels could drive price to early-2017 levels at $0.08, $0.06, and even $0.02.

As the price of XRP continues to drop while the market cap of Tether continues to rise, Ripple’s token could lose its third-place spot among all cryptocurrencies.

The project has attracted a lot of criticism this year over its perceived status as a potential security and the ongoing OTC token sales that happen monthly.

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