Roger Ver thinks is suffering from a ‘government-backed attack’

Roger Ver thinks that the domain might be the subject of a government-backed attack after receiving an email alert from Google Suite

Controversial Bitcoin entrepreneur Roger Ver has taken to Reddit to suggest that is under attack from a government-backed entity.

Ver recently posted on Reddit via his account u/MemoryDealers. The post is titled: “Because is building tools to bring economic freedom to the world, we are likely under government-backed attacks.”

The post displays an email which appears to be from Google Suite. The email reads: “This is to inform you that government-backed attackers may be attempting to compromise the account of user [name hidden].”

Google Suite does send out emails to people if it believes an account is suffering from a government-backed attack – however, it also notes that “an attack happens to less than 0.1% of all Google Account users”.

The domain has a storied history. Back in 2014, Roger Ver took control of the domain before leasing it to He then leased it to OKCoin, but that lease ended in 2015 following a dispute.

Ver then relaunched the site in a bid to help the Bitcoin network despite spearheading the Bitcoin Cash hard fork in 2017.

In spite of the fork, Ver still owns the domain.

Ver has been involved in a number of start-ups such as,, Zcash, BitPay, and Kraken.

It remains unclear whether or not the attack was real – Google Suite does note that there is a chance a government-backed attack alert can be a false alarm.

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