Role-playing game The Six Dragons has successfully integrated blockchain using Enjin’s software development kit

Popular RPG The Six Dragons has successfully integrated Enjin's software development kit, enabling in-game items to be seamlessly stored forever

Popular fantasy role-playing game The Six Dragons has successfully integrated blockchain using Enjin’s software development kit (SDK) – just eight days after it launched.

Coin Rivet recently discussed Enjin’s SDK, which launched on the Unity Asset Store on March 14 2019.

The SDK has been released on the Ethereum testnet, enabling game developers to seamlessly integrate blockchain assets into their games.

The developer team has uploaded a video to YouTube demonstrating how they’ve integrated blockchain item drops, crafting, and levelling.

To utilise the new features, there first needs to be an Enjin wallet linked to the game. To do so, users will need to download the Enjin wallet and head into the game settings.

From there, they will need to ‘add a new app’ by entering a unique code to link their Ethereum address to the game.

Afterwards, users will need to select ‘blockchain mode’ to enable it.

This will allow all in-game items such as weapons, enchantments, and so on to be stored inside of the wallet – similarly to how crypto is stored in a crypto wallet.

The video shows live gameplay of a player obtaining a special weapon which is immediately added to the wallet – showing how easy it is to own an in-game item on the blockchain.

This will allow players to create their own marketplace in which they can trade rare items with each other.

The video also details how items will be able to be swapped between different games, which suggests there could be interoperability between multiple games created by the same developer.

It is impressive to see how seamlessly the process has been for The Six Dragons, particularly when the Enjin SDK has only been out for a little over a week.

The successful implementation should help encourage more game developers to integrate the Enjin SDK.

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