Chance Kornuth discusses crypto, poker and life on the Coin Rivet podcast

American professional poker player Chance Kornuth is the latest guest to sit down with Jeff Gross on this week’s Coin Rivet podcast.

The charismatic poker star, who has earned just shy of $10 million in live events during his career, touched on how he is balancing personal and family life with a hectic poker schedule, before moving on to the state of online and live poker.

On the topic of crypto, Kornuth said: “I’m not as bullish on Ethereum as the average person. I think Solana and all the layer ones are going to take that market share. I think it’s still an interesting hold. For Ethereum I predict it will be $4,750 in early 2023, for Bitcoin I think we’ll hit $70,000 to $75,000. Maybe one more wick down before we go up again.”

On NFT’s, he added: “In general, I am bearish on the majority of NFT’s. They’re going to zero. A lot of poker players are making money flipping them, but a little picture of a kitten or a frog is not worth five thousand Dollars.”

But, in spite of his naturally bearish view on the NFT market, Kornuth still believes Bitcoin can increase by 50% from its current price, reinforcing the point that Bitcoin has a huge use-case among the poker community.

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