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Safeway supermarket to give US customers cashback in Bitcoin

Customers in the United States will now be able to 'stack sats' while shopping at popular supermarket Safeway

In yet another huge push for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, US supermarket chain Safeway has partnered with Lolli to reward customers with 3.5% cashback in Bitcoin.

The partnership will reward customers who purchase their groceries via Safeway’s online website. Cashback in Bitcoin will be offered in 894 locations across 17 American states.

In an official announcement, CEO and co-founder of Lolli, Alex Adelman, said: “I’m extremely proud to partner with Safeway, one of the most well-recognised food retailers in the United States. Americans are already shopping for groceries at least once a week – why not earn some Bitcoin off those frequent purchases?”

He continued: “I’m excited to now offer Safeway, a top food retailer, as another option for our users to earn Bitcoin. Hopefully this will give people the ability to get involved in holding and owning Bitcoin — perhaps for the first time.”

Customers must be signed up on Lolli.com to be eligible to receive the offer. Once signed up, users can earn more Bitcoin by referring friends and family, with a $10 affiliate program also being launched.

Aside from Safeway, Lolli offers cashback with more than 750 merchants online in a movement that “attempts to make Bitcoin a part of people’s everyday life”.

Some of the participating merchants include Walmart, Groupon, Macy’s, Old Navy, and Sephora.

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