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Satoshi Nakamoto resurfaces, delivers cryptic message

A profile on the P2P Foundation site belonging to Nakamoto has been updated for the first time in several years

Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is back and, much like 1960s TV pop combo The Monkees, he’s got something to say. 

An account once associated with Nakamoto on P2P Foundation this week posted the following status update: “nour”. Which means light in Arabic.

He also followed Wagner Tamanaha, who lives in Brazil and describes himself as a cryptocurrency enthusiast. “Approximately one year ago I made a request for his friendship on P2P Foundation and it was accepted today,” Tamanaha said.

“I made that request because I was influenced by another Brazilian that is listed on Satoshi’s P2P Foundation account called Casagrande. He was accepted as his friend in 2014 and he is an active user on Steemit [a blockchain social network]. I’m also the author of the Blockchain Cat comics on Steemit. I don’t know if that’s related?’

To add to the intrigue, Professor Craig Wright popped up and posted several tweets in Arabic.

In 2014, Nakamoto’s P2P Foundation page was hacked, so this could be a stunt of some kind. Or it could be genuine, in which case, mind blown.

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