SEC set to recruit ‘crypto specialist’ attorney adviser

United States regulator the SEC is looking to hire a crypto specialist securities adviser, according to a recent job listing on USAJobs

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has posted a job listing for an “Attorney Adviser” who is a “crypto specialist”.

According to a recruitment listing on USAJobs, the summary of the role is as follows: “The crypto specialist provides expertise and coordinates the Division of Trading and Market’s activities regarding crypto and digital asset securities.”

Applications for the role close on April 12, with an estimated salary of between $144,850 and $238,787 per year.

This move by the SEC demonstrates further emphasis being put on digital assets, continuing on from last year’s clampdown that saw a number of unregistered ICOs face penalties and fines.

One of the responsibilities required on the job listing is to “apply knowledge of securities laws to digital assets”, which could suggest that more projects may face the regulatory wrath of the SEC in the coming year.

To be considered for the role, applicants must have a JD or LLB degree as well as four years of experience working as a practicing attorney.

There has been speculation in regards to the security status of a number of cryptocurrencies, with Ethereum often being touted as a security by many in the regulatory space. However, SEC chief Jay Clayton reportedly confirmed last month that the smart contracts platform was in fact not a security.

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